Submissions Policies

After 20 years racing through or studying over 40,000 unsolicited submissions— to our delight, consternation, joy, bafflement, awe, horror, (and more!)— STNY's unsolicited submission chute is closing. In fact, it already is. No longer can we consider unsolicited submissions.
STNY's list is heavy with clients whose work came over the transom (do people even know this term nowadays?), unpublished creators STNY is proud we discovered and developed (and continue to develop) and whose careers we continue building. (Notice we eschew 'to grow'.) STNY will of course continue to discover talent and add clients, only differently.
Henceforth, we will accept submissions from attendees when we appear at conferences. And we will consider submissions recommended by our big passel of editor pals, author friends, and STNY clients. Lastly, we will read materials as particpants on awards committees, etc. So we are not going anywhere. We still want to discover talented creators.
Look for STNY's participation at regional and national conferences and retreats and award shows and trade fairs and seminars and maybe a bookstore signing or two.
To the thousand-plus 2013 solicitors who came before the hatches closed on June 10, 2013, thank you for your extra patience. Most already heard from us, some favorably!, and the few remainders will directly.

220 submissions deleted Saturday Jun 15 at 4:30 pm.
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STNY SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED UNTIL LABOR DAY. Our pile-up is enormous and we do want to consider each and every project you good people have offered us. Therefore, we are closed to all queries or unsolicited mansucripts: no submission will be considered after June 10, 2013.  If we have your submission on file, we will respond soon— although not as soon as you, or we, wish. Thanks for your patience. 
We read manuscripts on electronic readers. Therefore, S©ott Treimel NY accepts only electronic queries and submissions, and only via this website. Prospective clients need not pay for paper, printing, or postage; AND we respond three times faster than with the old hardcopy way. (Plus, it's green.) Submissions sent via post are returned unopened, and submissions sent to our business email accounts are deleted unread.
Complete the form and we promise to respond within 30 days. 
Please do not submit more than one manuscript.

STNY represents books for children and young adults only. We do not represent adult work, screenplays, or toy-only projects, and we do not answer such solicitation.
We do not expect exclusive submissions, but it is important that you tell us if another agency snaps up you and your work before we can act. It would be disrespectful of us and your fellow aspirants were we to spend maybe hours reading needlessly.