Anyone who wishes to use or quote from our clients' copyrighted work must apply for our written permission. The permission fee will vary depending on the requested work and the requested use. Please complete the form below to initiate the process.
Note: payment will be due 60 days from the date of our agreement and failure to make timely payment will automatically void our agreement. You will need to reapply for permission, and a twenty percent (20%) fee will be added to re-instate voided agreements. Therefore, do not request permission for uses that are merely tentative.
If we do not represent the rights you request, we will let you know— if we know— who controls the rights as soon as possible.

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After you select Submit, you will receive a confirmation message. We generally respond quickly but high request volume sometimes slows things. If your deadline is especially urgent, say so. But note: permissions fees are payable within sixty days of our permission grant. Do not request grants for work only tentatively selected for your product.

A permissions grant will be mailed to the address you supply. It will be signed by us but of no effect until countersigned by the Licensee and received by us with the payment due. The permission grant is our invoice.

Thank you for your interest is our clients' work.

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